A Difference: A del.icio.us idea … (reprise)

Planning my classes now for the new academic year, I’m trying to get a handle on how much time I will need to introduce my students to various Web2.0 tools. Mr Kuropatwa says it took him 15 minutes to demonstrate setting up a delicious account.
A Difference: A del.icio.us idea … (reprise):

I started having my students sign up for del.icio.us accounts last semester. I also installed something I call a del.icio.us box on all the class blogs.

We discussed it in all my classes on Thursday. I did a little demo in class. Using a projector I guided one of the students through the process of signing up for an account, installing a browser button and saving a link in del.icio.us. It took about 15 minutes to explain the idea and do the demo.

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2 thoughts on “A Difference: A del.icio.us idea … (reprise)”

  1. It is not difficult to introduce them to the tools, but it is not easy for them to incorporate the tools easily into their studies.

  2. Hi Marco,

    You can call me Darren. 😉

    The reason my blogger.com display name is Mr. Kuropatwa is because I use Blogger with my students.

    I’m excitied to see how you incorporate web 2.0 tools into your classes. I hope you blog about it.


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