50 words for portfolios?

complains E-Portfolios for Learning:

I find it interesting (and frustrating) that many educators are using the word portfolio to represent what I would be more apt to call an online repository or collection (or an assessment management system). There is a huge misunderstanding about what portfolios are…

This also clarifies the meaning of “repository”, which was used by Stephen Downes in a recent talk at NorthernVoice. Check it out.

3 thoughts on “50 words for portfolios?”

  1. Quite right, blinger. Anyway, as I know little or nothing (take yer pick) about portfolios, let alone e-portfolios, this is all grist to the mill for me, helping me build up a picture of what e-portfolios are and how they might be used. It also helped me understand what Stepehen Downes meant by “online repository”.

  2. Well that e-portfolio site could expand a little and enable commenting. Besides he quotes a myth about eskimo’s (re: innuit) have 50+ words for snow.

  3. Thanks for telling me how to add blogs to blogline. I really appreciate it and could even do it! I knew to go to the RSS feed spot but then I got lost on what to copy and paste.
    I’ve enjoy reading what you have been writing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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