2 Cents Worth: Will and Wikis

Dave Warlick is at the IL-TCE (Illinois – Technology Conference for Educators). Here he moblogs a talk by Tim Lauer (whose own blog is here), and I really liked this idea, as I’m looking at ways to create and build community amongst staff members. (The “Will” in the title refers to Will Richardson, whose talk at the same conference David also moblogs in the same post).
2 Cents Worth: Will and Wikis:

He uses a technique that he calls, “Classroom Notes”. During a 15 minute period each week, teachers are asked to write about two paragraphs, describing what they are doing in the classrooms. They are using Manila for this, so the entries are posted as a blog entry.

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  1. Hey,
    Gotta love that Technorati… 🙂
    Just a clarification, we are using Moveable Type at Lewis Elementary, and not Manilla for our weblogs…


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