Online grading

Last month, after making one too many errors typing in my grades into Excel, I decided to try an online grading system: I’m using‘s 1-month trial, and so far have been pleased.

Today, I also found Engrade Online Gradebook but did not sign up for the free account after the guided tour balked at the first fence. I also found Excelsior’s Gradebook which is not an online app but a program you download (also free). I clicked around on Excelsior’s site and read a bit about Marzano. Anyone know of him or read his stuff? He’s photogenic, that’s for sure. His products must be good, then, eh?

Do you use online gradebooks? If so, which one? Any recommendations?

One thought on “Online grading”

  1. My parents and students love to access their grades on Engrade. I love the potential ease with which I can grade and share. However, if I have to see another “server error: server busy try again” message, I will scream. Engrade can not handle the traffic.

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