Class records and filing

Over the years I’ve used several different ways of keeping track of exactly what the students and I did in class, but I have yet to be completely satisfied with any one system.

I have used hanging files to keep the loose-leaf handouts and student homework, but what about extra copies of handouts that I need to keep for the inevitable few who were absent that day and will (guaranteed) ask me for the handout the following class?

I also want a good system for keeping a record of what we did and what handouts/materials were used in each class. The best I found was a 1-page template that listed what we did, my comments and notes (on how the activities went down, high-points, low points, problems, etc), what handouts I used, what background music I used (so I don’t use the same 2 weeks running).

I think the reason I didn’t stick with it was simply that I didn’t match it with a satisfactory complementary system of keeping all the handouts and extra pieces of paper that go with each class. I usually end up throwing everything into one file for that class, but it quickly becomes unwieldy. I also keep my attendance sheets in that file.

Anyone want to share a system that works for them? I’ll post the template I mentioned above, when I can figure out where it is.

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  1. Thanks, EFL geek. Moodle is a great place to store materials. However, I’m not using it this semester, mainly because of the problems my students had accessing it. Too many headaches. I just don’t have time to troubleshoot to that extent. The return on the time investment was too little.

    I’ve resurrected the one-page doc I mentioned in the post, and have uploaded it to my Elgg space. I’m also blogging over there temporarily, as I cannot post to this blog for the time being, and I just can’t stop blogging.

  2. I use my moodle course. It has all the handouts – I don’t make copies and it’s easy for me to leave notes for myself that are hidden from the students.

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