Help with simple Mac graphic

Can anyone give me a pointer? I’m looking for a simple, preferably free, Mac graphic software that will allow me to add arrows, lines, circles, etc on a map. I just wasted 20 minutes looking for one, downloaded ImageWell, but discovered it doesn’t do what it said it would.

(iBook, G4, Mac OS10.3.9)

2 thoughts on “Help with simple Mac graphic”

  1. The free version of ImageWell won’t let me do that. The pro version seems to, but I can’t try it out before buying, it seems.

  2. ImageWell won’t do what you want? That’s funny — I did exactly what you mentioned (adding stuff to a map) on ImageWell just the other day for some folks who were visiting. Maybe you should just poke around Imagewell some more.

    If you want free but NOT simple, there’s always the GIMP.

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