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As I’m at present teaching a class on World News, and as I found some of the info on Wikiepedia and bias and the Neutral Point of View page to be of possible value to those World News students, I tried to find the equivalent pages in the Japanese version of Wikipedia. Here’s what I found after just 10 minutes searching; if you find better, more relevant ones, please post them in the comments –

  1. Wikipedia:ウイキぺディアへようこそ a general introductory page to the concept and purpose of Wikipedia, including guidelines for contributors, and containing links to more specific pages on point of view, checking sources, copyright, etc.
  2. Wikipedia:記事を執筆する (kiji wo shippitsu suru) guidelines for contributors, including a brief mention (with links) to the neutral point of view (chuuritsu na kanten 中立的な観点)
    and to using reliable sources (shinrai dekiru jouhougen 信頼できる情報源)
  3. Wikipedia:五本の柱 (go-hon no hashira – the 5 pillars or key principles of Wikipedia)
  4. Wikipedia:基本方針とガイドライン (kihon houshin to gaidorainu – basic policies and guidelines), a long and detailed page which my students may not have the patience or motivation to read, nor me!
  5. Wikipedia:信頼できる情報源 (shinrai dekiru jouhougen – reliable sources of information), referred to above. This looks very promising as it alone of the pages I’ve seen and referred to above is bilingual, with the English on the left and the Japanese on the right.
    In particular, I think I’ll use the some definitions (fact, opinion, primary source, etc), and
    beware false authority.

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