Too late!

Damn! I missed it.

Inspired by reading Paul Nation’s tome on Learning Vocabulary in Another Language, I’ve been surfing the ‘Net and tagging all kinds of goodies with vocabulary and extensivereading. Rob  Waring, who’s made an extensive study of um extensive reading (and  listening) and vocabulary learning. On his page of Word Frequency Lists, he writes Interested in Corpora? Then Mike Barlow’s website is the best there is.
I click and discover the double coincidence that a) Mike Barlow is based in Auckland, NZ, which I visited 15 months ago, and 2) that he isn’t in Auckland today but is in Tokyo to present at the Intensive Course in Corpus Linguistics with none other than Paul Nation.


3 thoughts on “Too late!”

  1. Nation’s book is excellent and on top of that he is great presenter. If you get the chance to see him speak you should.

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