Web/School2.0 – what’s it good for?

I just posted the following comment on Chris Lehmann’s blog. See, I’d just read Pissed Off, and then read Chris Lehmann’s entry, and the incongruity hit me. I had to say something. What do you think?

I’m a sucker for technology. I blog, read blogs, use Google Reader daily. Love it. But reading this post by Pissed Off Teacher (and then this one) just totally depressed me. Ruined my day. Can technology help here, or is it just insultingly irrelevant? I would suggest that if it can’t help in this practical and political matter, then School2.0 or whatever you want to call it isn’t worth much. Is Web2.0 just mental masturbation, something to stave off the boredom in between leaving our comfortable middle-class homes and returning to them in the evening? Or is it able to make a difference in the face of this kind of (to my mind) criminal negligence (and bureaucratic, systemic negligence, which is far harder to identify and root out)?

I’m sure this teacher is not alone or in a unique situation. Solidarity and legal advice, perhaps financial support seem to be needed here.

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2 thoughts on “Web/School2.0 – what’s it good for?”

  1. Thanks for bringing my trailer situation to others attention. Unfortunately, the mayor of NY does not view average NYers as worthy of any money. Hopefully by getting the word out, the system will get shamed into doing something about the problem.

  2. First of all, thank you for your pointer to the Pissed Off teacher blog. Read Shame of the Nation for more information about New York City schools, and to gain some sense of the inequities that are making US political discourse about education ever more contentious.

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