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Way out of boredom and despair

For all of us working in educational institutions, there is hope: a way has been found out of boredom and despair.

Since the prison’s physical fitness programme was redesigned Crisanto and his fellow inmates have become musical stars.

Some of the 1500 inmates at Cebu now perform mass choreographed dance moves to the strains of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Queen’s Radio Gaga and a number from the hit film Sister Act among others.

Byron Garcia, a security consultant at the prison, says the thinking behind the move was

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The bit that really caught my attention tho was this sentence about halfway through: Vince Rosales, a city engineer, was drafted in by the prison as a choreographer a year ago…

A what? Was drafted by whom? As a what?!? I mean, when you need a choreographer, that’s the first place you go, right? The Engineering Department! The article is curiously silent about this most curious of facts.

(Hat-tip to James of Recent Reflections for the link).