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Giving Moodle the boot

Tried to upgrade my Moodle installs from 1.6.1 to 1.8 (what Fantastico was suggesting). Fantastico had no problem, but all kinds of problems showed up when I visited those Moodle sites and tried to start the upgrade process. In one case, Moodle told me it couldn’t even FIND the directory I was pointing it at. In another, there was some problem with the title or something. In all of these, tho, I had to install UTF-8 encode, for instructions on which I should go to the “Admin page”. Which admin page? I can’t get INTO my moodle site because this damn “Do you want to upgrade” window pops up all the time and won’t go away.

OK, pop over to the old and take a gander to see if I can find out how this UTF-8 transfer thing happens. Do you think I can find a page of simple instructions on this within, say, an hour? DO YOU?!?!? One page says do the transfer AFTER you upgrade, another says you must do it BEFORE you upgrade. In any case, there is no “UTF-8 transfer” button (or anything like it) on my Admin navigation bar.

It’s the usual story: batted from pillar to post, from “documentation” to “installation” to “Installation FAQ”. In between the search, it’s time for dinner. Afterwards, somewhat refreshed, I try again. After more pointless running around in circles like being trapped in some porn site, I see the light: I return to “Installation FAQ” and click on “How to uninstall Moodle?”

A mere 5 minutes later and my troubles are over. Moodle has wasted more than enough of my time. Not any more. Blessed release!