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Personal Learning Environments

My friend Aaron has been banging on about these for over a year now: PLEs or Personal Learning Environments.

Justin Medved’s post on this subject comes via the NextGenTeachers‘ blog. Be sure to click on the link to Ray Sim’s Personal Learning Environment map, and read the three (1) related (2) posts(3) on Ray’s blog Sims Learning Connections. I like the graphic mindmap. I want to make one, too.

In steps the Personal Learning Environment or what I like to call your PD TREE.

If you had to map the sources of your own professional development, what would the root system that feeds your learning look like?

Where do you look to gain new knowledge and information that helps you become a more informed citizen?

What mediums does this information come in and how much control do you have over it?

Who, what and where are your main sources for current information that help you develop and improve as a teacher?

Where and how do you enhance your own skills?

Are these not good questions to ask all teachers to reflect on?

Ray Sim’s over at Sims Learning Connections recently shared his own Personal Learning Environment and I found it really impressive. More importantly it is an example of what is POSSIBLE with today’s access to information.

I just blitz-bookmarked all the blog refs as PLE on delicious. It’s particularly interesting to see how PLE differs from PKM and LMS, how the thinking has evolved. Also, see Aaron’s post on why he prefers PLE to “e-portfolio”.