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Safety online revisited

A while back, I posted about some “safety online” videos that Quentin D’Souza had posted. One of them shows a photo of a girl lying on a bed; the photo is posted on a bulletin board, and every time someone pulls the photo off the board, it magically reappears there. The moral: once you post a photo of yourself online, it stays there for pretty much eternity.

Today, I came across the case of a naturalized German historian who has trouble travelling freely, due in part to malicious defamations posted on his Wikipedia biography page and on as “reviews” of some of his books about a contentious period in Turkish history. Food for thought.

Vigilantism a poor response to cyberattack

Wired magazine has an interesting article on cyber-attack and possible responses, particularly a wartime and peacetime responses:

Last month Marine Gen. James Cartwright told the House Armed Services Committee that the best cyberdefense is a good offense… The general isn’t alone. In 2003, the entertainment industry tried to get a law passed (.pdf) giving it the right to attack any computer suspected of distributing copyright-protected material….  Of course, the general is correct. But his reasoning illustrates
perfectly why peacetime and wartime are different, and why generals
don’t make good police chiefs.

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