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Google can read your mind

Just had an odd experience using Gmail. I wrote my email then clicked “send”. A window popped up saying “It appears you wanted to send an attachment with this email. Do you want to go ahead and send it anyway?”

gulp! How dit doo dat?

I did use the word “attachment” in the email, so perhaps Google is just reading my email, not my mind.

But I still feel nervous…


I switched to the “new” (Google-run) Blogger. It took me a week-10 days to figure things out, but after a couple of false starts (like choosing an inconvenient Google account to associate with this blog), I’m finally here, and quite happy with the environment. What do you think? I’m not sure about the colour scheme, but it will do for now.

I lost everything in my old sidebar when I moved, but manage to get it back, more or less. I took the opportunity of pruning my blogroll. If you think you should be on there, let me know.