5 thoughts on “Miss one, get three!”

  1. Thanks Steve N. Does JALT 2007 have its own website yet? Blogger comments support simple HTML like links.

    And thanks, Steve Herder. I shall by Skyping you anon.

  2. Hi Marco Polo,

    Finally something I can comment on;-)

    Just wanted to let you know that I double-checked and Paul Nation is indeed returning to Tokyo for JALT2007 (no HTML?) in November.

    Other confirmed plenaries include Amy Tsui — University of Hong Kong, John Norris — University of Hawaii, Ronald Carter — University of Nottingham.

  3. Hi MP,

    We should talk. Feel free to skype me any time. Search Steve Herder or bluesteed.


    BTW, Very impressed with your blog

  4. i knew you and Japan Action Research would like each other!!! Glad you found one another!

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