Blogging with students (4)

Because the task I described at the end of my previous post, proved a little too challenging for my students, I re-cast it (see below). I’m trying to lead them to an understanding of web 2.0

What is good blogging?

  1. Visit this blog, then this one. Which is better (more interesting, more useful) do you think? Why is it better?
  2. Now visit this blog, then this one. Which is better do you think? Why is it better?
  3. Now visit this blog, then this one. Which is better do you think? Why?
  4. Now go back to the blog you chose in question 1. Write the answers to these questions on your blog.
    1. Who is the blog author?
    2. What is his/her name?
    3. Which country and town do they live in?
    4. Do you want to write a comment on their blog?
    5. Why (or why not) write a comment?
    6. Is it easy to write a comment?
    7. If you write a comment, can the blog author reply to your comment?
    8. Can the blog author contact you?
    9. How?

I followed this up with a quick look at the BBC websites which invite readers to post their photos and videos.

Here are some news photos for you to see from the BBC: 1, 2, 3.
Who took these pictures?
The BBC lets readers send in their photos (see here). What do you think about this idea?

I feel like I’m re-inventing the wheel here. Thousands of people have probably already put together a list of instructions and tasks for EFL students beginning blogging, and they’re no doubt all much better than my attempt. But I couldn’t find any suitable ones in an hour’s worth of Googling. If you know some, or want to collaborate, please drop me a line.

(Credit: a very warm thanks to Aaron and Sean for lending me their students’ blogs.)

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