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Somehow I went from being British to being a “gaijin” then to an “expat”, then to being an “Eigo no hito” and a “native-speaker”. I teach EFL and related subjects (Reading, Writing, content courses) at university level in Japan. This blog started as a log of my attempts to introduce my students to the joys of autonomous i.e. self-directed language-learning. Basically, it’s the story of one failure after another since I started in 2005.

This blog ground to a halt in October 2007.

I resurrected it in October 2009, mainly to learn how to import a Blogger blog into WordPress and to give autonblogger it’s own domain.

From November 1st, 2009 (today), I’ll blog about new directions  I’m taking in teaching English, which may take me away from “autonomy” or self-directed learning, but I’m keeping the “Autonoblogger” name ‘cos I like it.

The old Blogger blog had 32,704 visitors since June 14, 2005-Nov. 1, 2009

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A Japan-based native-speaking English uni teacher rambles about teaching EFL at university